Sunday, April 9, 2017

DC loosens restrictions on sale of alcoholic beverages

As of this month, consumers in Washington, DC, have more options to purchasing alcohol.

Mayor Muriel Bowser signed a new law that "allows District businesses to expand areas of their operations consistent with other jurisdictions,” Fred Moosally, director of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, said in a news release. “It also clarifies existing law for licensees and the public.”

Here are the highlights:
•  Craft beer brewers in the District who had been limited to selling beer by growler or jug now are permitted to sell in cans, kegs and bottles.

• Distillers in the District who had been limited to making cocktails in which only their spirit could be the primary ingredient now open to mix freely.

• Grocery stores can expand beyond beer and sell wine, cider and mead in growlers.

• Hotels now may sell beer and wine in their convenience stores, not just in the hotel bar and restaurant.

• Bed and breakfast operations with fewer than 30 guest rooms now may serve alcohol to registered guests as part of a room fee.

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