Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dave's Gourmet Burgers ready to resurface in Schenectady

Grass-fed beef burger with bacon
I'm posting this here even though it has nothing to do with drinks for one simple reason: I'm restarting my Notes On Napkins restaurant and food blog on January 1, but this can't wait.

Dave's Gourmet Burgers & More has been located at various Albany locations over the past two decades, most recently on Fuller Road near Colonie Center, but now owner Dave Khan is transplanting his operation to Schenectady.

Khan is about to open the doors at 2535 Broadway which previously was home to Soulicious and to Kabab Pizza & Gyros. In reply to my inquiry about a specific date, Khan messaged me, "Bill -- hopefully this week. Will announce on Facebook. ... Our burgers are so big that you are going to need a fork!"

The menu will be Khan's stock-in-trade: exotic burgers and sides, all made the more interesting because he is a vegetarian. That, however, never has stopped him from offering bison, antelope, python (yes!), chicken, lamb, camel (yes!), ostrich, rabbit, kangaroo (yes!), llama (yes, yes!) and other unusual meats. This time around, he also will be offering Greek gyros and other sandwiches, including a variety of veggie-based burgers.

Khan, who lists cooking gigs in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong on his peripatetic resume, has long worked to compete with the influx of burger chains large and small into the Capital Region. He offers a wide-ranging menu that mixes international and regional American sandwiches. Here are a few examples as he describes them on his latest menu. Prices range from $8.99 for a veggie burger to $25 for an "exotic meat" burger.

Juicy Lucy ($14.99) -- Handpicked mix cheese sealed inside the meat and slow cooked in steam for best-tasting and flavoring burger you ever had.

Lamb Masala ($15) -- It's an Indian street-style burger, pure in herbs and spices. Mildly spiced. 

Triple Decker ($15) -- Beef, chicken, and turkey together makes a whole new concept of burger and protein intake. Assorted cheese is melted as well.

Veggie Rice & Bean Burger ($9.99) -- Patty of chick pea flour, jasmine rice, onions, potatoes and beans freshly boiled.

Kangaroo Burger ($25) -- Organic, free-range, FDA-approved kangaroo meat.

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