Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fort Orange Brewing post tops May readership list

My guest mixologist
What posts did readers of "Dowd On Drinks" like most in May? My report on the latest local craft brewery proposal topped 'em all by a large factor.

The post titled In-development Fort Orange Brewing embraces local history (5/11) was far and away the most-read post, attracting about 300 more views than the second most-read post, the also-well-read Hudson Berkshire Wine & Food Festival this weekend.

"Dowd On Drinks" readers' interests appear as eclectic as the blog content that ranges from local to international items across the adult beverage spectrum. The most-read items including product reviews, hard-news items, event announcements and a bit of snark (hint: see No. 5).

Here are 3 through 10. If you missed any of them and are interested, just click on the links to go there.

3. Tasting: Beauregard Dixie Southern Vodka
4. Tasting: Kung Fu Girl Riesling
5. When news breaks ...  (5/8)
6. New pact tightens tequila identification requirements
7. Bombay Sapphire: A case of accidental overproofing
8. Update: Argyle Brewing opens its second tasting room today
9. Hard cider brew fest planned in Steuben County
10. Anthony Road entry goes gold in French competition
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