Tuesday, June 13, 2017

SLA accepting requests for craft beverage production centers

New York State today began accepting applications for the operation of custom craft beverage production centers to provide space and equipment to those looking to produce beer, wine, or cider for home consumption.

The State Liquor Authority (SLA), which oversees the process, will provide new licenses to facilitate production of homemade beer, wine and cider. Licenses are available both to current craft manufacturers seeking to establish a secondary business at their current location, or businesses seeking to open a standalone custom homemade craft beverage production center.

“This new license provides greater opportunity for New Yorkers to make their own beer, wine or cider, while helping to strengthen an already booming craft beverage industry,”Governor Cuomo said in an announcement. “This win-win-win makes it easier for hobby brewers, vintners and cider makers to hone their craft, while offering beverage manufacturers a new source of revenue that in turn helps New York farms succeed and thrive.”

It was on November 14, 2016, that the governor signed legislation creating the new license that authorizes production centers where craft beverage enthusiasts, hobbyists and other amateur brewers, vintners and cider makers can utilize the expertise, space and equipment of existing facilities to produce craft beverages for personal consumption.

New York’s craft beverage industry is one of the fastest growing in the nation, however in urban and suburban areas, residents often cannot afford or do not have access to the appropriate space or equipment to manufacture products at home. In addition to providing space and lowering the overhead costs, the new production centers also will increase demand for locally grown ingredients, generate revenue for New York’s small craft manufacturers and provide expert hands-on training for hobbyists and those exploring joining the growing ranks of craft producers across the state.

Downloadable application forms are available online.

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