Friday, March 17, 2017

Rum being cold-aged in historic ship in Baltimore

Workers hoist a barrel of rum into the hold of the historic USS Constellation. The gentle sway of the ship helps hasten aging of the spirit. (WBFF photo)

From Fox 5 WBFF
BALTIMORE -- It’s cold in the bowels of the USS Constellation [which is permanently docked in the city's Inner Harbor]. That’s where several barrels of rum from the Tobacco Barn Distillery are sitting. The gentle rock of the boat as the tides change help the spirits as they age.

 It’s a partnership with Historic Ships Baltimore, to make the first rum aged on a U.S. Navy ship in over 150 years. It’s called "USS Constellation Rum." Chris Rowsom, executive director of Historic Ships in Baltimore, explains that it is it’s an innovative aging process that harkens back to the age of sail.

"It's pretty neat when you can do this the way they did it back in the 19th Century, with traditional block and tackle," Rowsom said.
The rum is expected to be for sale next month.

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