Saturday, May 6, 2017

'Liquor wall' appears about to fall in Florida

From Florida Today
TALLAHASSEE, FL -- The long-standing liquor wall, which was been around since Prohibition ended, is facing the wrecking ball under a bill headed to Governor Rick Scott’s desk.

After two days of debate, the House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the Senate’s bill (SB 106) by one vote. It is the first time since at least 2000 that a bill in the House has been decided by a [single] vote, according to Lobbytools, a service that tracks Florida bills.

The bill allows grocery stores, big box retailers and other stores to sell liquor in the same space as other products. Currently, liquor must be sold in a side store separated by a wall.

“Any debate that includes the topic of alcohol is going to be tense and contentious,” said State Rep. Bryan Avila. “This issue is one that I feel is not a religious or social issue, it is one of an outdated policy.”

... Florida would become the 28th state to allow the sale of liquor alongside wine and beer. 
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