Friday, February 10, 2017

Catskill Village considering new sidewalk cafe law

The New York Restaurant in Catskill
The Catskill Village Board this week held a public hearing for input on a proposed sidewalk cafe law while seeking to clarify a variety of aspects involving the community's current open container law.

Village President Heather Bagshaw has contended that the current ordinance has more regulations than necessary, and the community needs to be more business friendly.

The current Village Charter includes an open container law that prohibits people from consuming alcoholic beverages on public property, which includes sidewalks. It was modified last fall to allow sidewalk cafes or restaurants to serve alcohol to their customers outside the business.  That essentially affects two restaurants on Main Street, The New York Restaurant and 394 Main.

The board is looking to allow businesses to set up tables outside anytime the weather is unusually warm, but, Bagshaw said, the village will not allow people to drink alcohol on the streets outside of a restaurant setting.

Other aspects of the discussion include requiring sidewalk cafes to leave at least a 36-inche space on a sidewalk to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act by assuring that someone in a wheelchair can get around a restaurant’s tables and chairs without having to go into the street.

The board will continue to discuss potential changes and accept more input from the community before making any final decision.
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