Sunday, November 13, 2016

Brooklyn becomes New York State's distilling center

One of Brooklyn's whiskey labels The opening of new wineries in New York State stopped being big news a year ago when it topped the 400 mark. Likewise with new breweries and distilleries.

What is big news is where such efforts are created.

That analysis provides insight into potential marketing, promotions and tourism opportunities. A perfect example lies in the continually expanding number of spirits producers in Brooklyn. There, 15 distilleries, most of which opened within the past four years, are operating. Buffalo, is a distant second, with five.

So proclaims the New York Daily News in a breathless story announcement it labels as "EXCLUSIVE," as if basic statistics can be thus designated. (Another gripe: That story is ignorantly headlined "Most licensed booze makers in New York State housed in Brooklyn," just another example of a media venue using the sophomoric word "booze" when they would find a more refined word if referring to wine and beer.)

OK, got that off my chest. Now ...

Brooklyn's reputation these days is that of hipster haven, a far cry from its days as an ethnic melting pot and city-within-a-city. It now is replete with artisan chefs, brewers, distillers, artists, writers and other right-brain types congregating in a place that attracts the avant garde.

"It is totally hipster," Sarah Ludington, co-founder of the Van Brunt Stillhouse in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood, told The Daily News.

Her company, which began operations three years ago, produces four kinds of whiskey and a rum. "I think as we started getting things rolling we realized that this whole Brooklyn brand and how much popularity it was gaining around the world was something we were plugging into."

Go here for the full Daily News story.

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